Free edition

Measure an object with your phone everywhere you are.

Precision Ruler in Pocket is great usefull app for your phone and tablet.
Take your measurement anywhere you are, in market, at work, on the way..

Open Google Play on your smart phone, tablet or computer and search for "Ruler In Pocket" or click here for direct link.
Install the app on the device, it will take just a couple of seconds and will not take much space. The download is less than 1 MB.

Choose units
Open Ruler App and choose your prefered units of measurement - inches if you live in the States and use Imperial system or centimeters if use Metric system.
Before you begin your first measuring you should check ruler precision eventually calibrate it. It is easy! Go to the app menu, choose Calibration and follow instructions.

You will see the main view with a ruler on it. Put desired object on top of the screen and find it's size. You can also measure the extact length by touch the screen and move the two handles like you use a caliper.

Save measured value

Save and share measured values in moments.
When measure ready click "save" button to save result to the yellow sticky note.
Or Click "share" button and send value with E-mail, SMS or into your favorite notepad.

Add memo to saved value

Just only one Long push to yellow sticky note and add memo in seconds.

Share with

Measured value as well as stored value on yellow sticky notes can be easily shared. Just only one Long push to yellow sticky note and you can send all from yellow sticky note with E-mail, SMS or into your favorite notepad.

App Key Features

- easy using
- metrics or imperial units
- ruler calibration
- sliding scale feature
- memory of measured values
- sharing of measured values (SMS, E-mail, Notepad..)
- lock/unlock display feature as prevent with device manipulation

And all this for free and without ads!

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